Monday, November 12, 2007

Wrong on So Many Levels

Sometimes things just fall into your lap, and the jokes, as they say, write themselves. So, I was actually on the CBS website looking for something from 60 Minutes that I wanted to blog about (and will, when I have a bit more time to do it), and I stumbled on this. It is only available on the web or your mobile phone, probably with good reason. This is the last you will see about it here, because someone at CBS would have to be high as a kite to think I would pay good money for a little cartoon version of Danny Bonaduce to screech at me from my cell phone and be my "life coach". What kind of rock would you have to have been living under for the last 30+ years to take advice from this man on how to live your life? I even met him once, when he was a morning jock here in Detroit. I was almost star struck for a sec, ya know, the whole Partridge Family thing, but he's a little tiny man who has so many issues...well, let's just say it explained a lot. I definitely admire him for droppin' Johnny Fairplay, someone far more repugnant than even he is, but I still don't understand how this thing ever got a green light of any kind.

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