Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Slapsgiving Everyone!

So, I'm sure you're all doing really fun family things today. We were supposed to be going to a big get-together at the grandparents with lots of kids and lots of food. But, my daughter has pneumonia, so we're eating here, just the four of us instead. Sure, we'll all pretty disappointed, but it's just a day right? And it does happen every year, so it's not so bad. We're still having pie! (mmmmm, pie...) So while both kids nap and the traditional Thanksgiving pot roast cooks in the crock pot, I have time to tell you all how great the "Slapsgiving" episode of How I Met Your Mother was on Monday!

When this ensemble is on, they are so fun to watch. The scenario here is that Marshall's slap countdown will expire at 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, at which time he will be able to deliver the one slap he has left from winning his slap bet against Barney last fall. It was great watching Barney unravel from the stress of it all, and seeing Marshall delight in torturing his friend, especially when he made the string of paper turkey hands. Lily, exasperated and exhausted from hosting their first Thanksgiving as a married couple (and getting no help from anyone), became fed up with everything and, in her position as Slap Bet Commissioner, issued a moratorium on slaps for the holiday.

The tables thus turned, Barney began taunting Marshall, which, as the countdown clock ticked down to zero, caused Lily to lift the ban and Marshall, a crazed look of glee on his face, slapped Barney into next week. This was all fun to watch, and you could tell Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal were having a ball, especially when NPH got to say things like, "I've lost 10 pounds, my suits are wearing me!" But the capper was the song, You Just Got Slapped,a piano ballad played and sung by Jason, that could easily rival his former greatest hit, "Lady L", which is from the absolute best TV show ever, Freaks & Geeks.

The B plot of Robin and Ted not being able to be alone because it's really hard to be friends with your ex (Newsflash!) was cute if totally predictable (spoiler alert: they ended up having sex). It did have another great one-liner, though. When Ted and Robin are stuck alone making the pies (mmmm, pies) since no one else shows, Robin puts in a pecan pie, but Ted points out she's allergic and questions why it's being made. Robin tries to play it off, saying she just likes to smell it, "It's like eating with your nose!" It turns out the pie is for Robin's new boyfriend, Bob, who is 41, though, in a funny sight gag, Ted pictures him as an elderly gentleman, which makes all of Bob's lines funnier. Best example? He shows up with jello shots for Thanksgiving, saying, "We gon' get silly, bitches!"

Hope you're all having a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Adam said...

And don’t forget “General Idea” or “Major Situation”…repeat and salute (or as they use to say on HeHaw “Sallllute!”)

Myndi said...

A Hee-Haw callback on my blog! I love it!