Thursday, November 15, 2007

The American Dream

We live in a great country, ya know? If I wasn't sure about this, it was confirmed this morning when I heard this approximately 2 minute message left on Jimmy Dean's customer complaint line recently. (Warning: there is some profanity on this that is in no way edited out if you have delicate sensibilities.) This man is extremely passionate about the portion size of his regular Jimmy Dean sausage, and he is furious that they have reduced their standard package size from 16 oz. down to 12 oz. Oh--and he is not interested in none of that there flavored sausage that is apparently for people from "The North". I just enjoyed listening to him describe the average size of a member of his five person household and explain that they eat "a couple dozen eggs" each morning with their sausage. Based on that, I'm not sure how splitting up an additional 4 oz. of sausage between these people is going to make a big impact. I'm also guessing now that this message is out there for the world to hear, a pharmaceutical company will be contacting them directly to shill for their cholesterol medication, because these people cannot be long for this world. Please to enjoy!

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