Monday, November 26, 2007

Amazing Observations

Not enough exciting happened last night on The Amazing Race to recap, so I'll just share my quick observations on each duo still racing.

Azaria & Hendekia: Well, they've really done nothing to annoy me yet, and their racing so far has been of the highest quality. Plus they had some kick-ass dance moves last night.

Nate & Butt-Chin Jen: He's piped down a bit since they've moved to the front, of course. She's still annoying and you can tell the editors agree, as they made sure to point out that she's a former Clipper dancer as she proceeded to suck so bad at the dance challenge that she and Nate incurred a 10 minute penalty. Then she wanted A&H to let them have 1st place, since the sibs had already had it twice. Sorry, lady, show's called The Amazing Race. Moose out front shoulda told ya. Just be happy to be where you are and cram it. First place only truly matters at the finish line, so relax.

Ronald & Christina: This man is a complete goober, sorry. And she's not really much better. We've established that he's an a-hole, but she's a bit of a dork.

Kent & Vixen: If those are your real names. She's pretty awesome, I've decided, fake goth name aside. The roles are completely reversed on this team, even when she broke down in the cab to the pitstop. He just looked like she was radioactive when he was hugging her. What is his deal?

Don & Nick: I've finally figured out who Grandpa reminds me of...Rudy from the original Survivor! He's not quite as humorless and crusty, but he's totally Rudy 2.0. It's too bad there's no flamboyantly gay couple for him to cringe at on this edition! I guess they've just decided they can't top the perfection of Danny & Oswald and given up. This is my hope, anyway.

Jen & Shanna: I go back and forth on how I feel about them using the new U-turn last night, which required the team they selected, Lorena & Jason, to go back and do the other half of the detour that they'd passed on originally. However, I think they are certainly within their rights to have done so. After all, it is a race for a million bucks. It looks like there's some good drama with them next week, though!

Rachel & TK: I spent the whole episode marvelling at how tiny she is! She looks so waifish on TV, I can only imagine how small she actually is. I really like them so far, though. They have yet to lose their tempers with each other, which is impressive to me personally. They define chill. And, even though she got lost, she still rocked that Roadblock.

See ya, Lorena & Jason. You didn't have a shot in hell once it became clear there would be no airport bunching to decrease your two hour deficit. It wasn't the same once I found out you wouldn't let Rory sit under your tree at Yale anyway, Jason. Lorena, I'm thinking you need to drop this dude pretty quick since, if you stay with him, you will be cheated on early and often, if you haven't been already. Just sayin'.


Don said...

Holy smokes. You must take notes. That's good recap.

I didn't note it, but when the blonds said their chicken looked like Phil ...well ...that was awesome.

Myndi said...

I hate to brag, but, that is without notes, my friend. Remember the title of the blog!

Mindy said...

Uh, it's kYnt not kEnt! And I tought the exact same thing about how tiny Rachel is. I do like them but I find her voice incredibly annoying.

Myndi said...

yes, I know he would like me to spell it that way, but I refuse, because I think he's the biggest poser ever.

EJ said...

Am I the only one who is not sure which is Azaria and which is Hendekea? I mean, I can tell the difference between the two, but I can't match them with a name.

Myndi said...

I'm guessing Don didn't even know that much, EJ.

But, since both names sound feminine, I can understand. A is the boy.