Monday, November 19, 2007

This Just In: Camel Milk is Grainy!

I'm sorry, but could anything sound more disgusting? I don't think so, and now, thanks to my new buddy TK on The Amazing Race, I know that freshly squeezed camel milk is grainy. I may never get that out of my head. What else did we learn last night? The air travel that is generally worked out in the first act of each episode is rarely important this early in the season, despite what the music cues would like you to believe, as the bunching will always come into play with this many competitors. Ditto for any big dilemma that looks to do a team in if it happens right before a commercial break. Butt-Chin Jen, as I like to call her (the one with Nate), seems rather angry at everyone, not just Nate. Lorena could just as easily be named Sybil and no one would bat an eye. Girlfriend seems a wee-bit manic, but I couldn't really blame her last night. Many of you know me and you know that if I was in a high-pressure camel milking competition (if I had a nickel...) I may just freak out in a similar manner. This is one of many reasons why I watch this show instead of even think about participating. I can only imagine what a giant spazz I would look like on TV when I flipped out about being lost or, ya know, a camle kicking my bowl of warm, grainy milk. I'm only trying to learn from others what I can do to better myself. At least her boyfriend (who, to me, looks like a cross between Mark Walhberg and Freddy Rodriguez from Six Feet Under) was supportive and didn't yell at her. Points for that, Jason.

The sisters from Miami were eliminated, and I'm pleased with that. First of all, the spazzy girl pulled it together and finished the leg, which validates us spazzes everywhere, and secondly, they were just a snooze. Sure, they were cute and athletic and had cool accents when they said Spanish words, but that was about it. Next week, it looks like we might be seeing our old friend The Yield for the first time this season. I really don't like this part of the game, because it always brings out the self-righteousness in the people who get yielded, plus it's way early in the game so no real rivalries have developed yet. I hope the previews are as misleading as they usually are. All in all, a satisfying episode of Race, except for that milk.

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