Monday, November 12, 2007

"What Happens in Scranton, Stays in Scranton"

Not that they're reading this, but just in case, thank you to all of those who posted videos to YouTube from the recent Office convention that took place in Scranton, PA, where the show is set. Those of you who know me, know that if you don't watch this show, I'll do everything in my power to convert you. I've been successful in several instances. It is one of the best shows ever, and the first for which I seriously considered attending a convention. I think if I lived closer to Scranton, I may have actually gone, even if a few of you told me that would make me a giant nerd.

And, based on some of these clips (i'm just posting one link to serve as a gateway, if you will), I was right, and it would have been, in a word, DAWESOME. Dammit! At least I can watch them.

Oh, and Ed Helms is adorable.

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