Saturday, November 10, 2007

The child who knew too much

So, much to my shock and dismay, there has been another flippin' toy recall.  This time, it's some kind of Curious George doll I'm glad I didn't buy or receive as a gift for my children.  Just the other day, there was a recall issued for a product called "Aquadots", which my 4-year-old, Hannah, had just recently given to her friend for her 5th birthday.  But wait-- the recall on this toy was not because it's got lead in it.  This toy apparently contains a chemical that, if ingested, could essentially work like the date rape drug.  Yes, that's right, my daughter gave my best friend's daughter roofies for her birthday!  Isn't that precious?

But, really, there is a silver lining to all of these recalls.  I'm so proud when Hannah is able to warn her 1-year-old brother Max not to play with (read: chew on) a tub toy because it was "made in China".  Just another heartwarming tale as we enter this holiday season!

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