Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kelly Taylor has Left the Building

Well, I have to admit that I got a little verklempt at the end of that DWTS results show. As soon as Marie was announced to be safe, I knew I'd either have to be sad for Jennie or royally pissed that either Helio or Mel had been robbed. Ultimately, I was sad because Jennie was sad, and I've got way to much love for her in reserve from the 90210 days to ever not feel attached to her. I know she's not in the same league as Helio or Mel, but she's a lot better than Marie and her schtick. Like I said earlier, there won't be room for anyone else when every damn Osmond fills that ballroom next week! Oh, and Florence Henderson, apparently. Why is she there every week? Anyone know? It really seems to me like people secretly hate Marie anyway. She's basically responsible for everyone's ousters since Sabrina, when it should have been her weeks ago. Lord, I am so bitter, and not the slightest bit country or rock n' roll at this point!

It was certainly nice to see Sabrina & Mark get to dance what should have been their freestyle, what with all the lifts and tricks, even if they were accompanied by that punk rawker Avril Lavigne (Sure, she has bleach blonde hair and a wedding ring the size of a dinner plate, but she's a rebel! See that pink streak and her Chuck Taylors? Ooooh! Edgy!) I think those crazy kids make a cute couple...and Sabrina looks like she's lost more weight since she was kicked off. God bless her, she looked great. Let's see Marie pull off a tenth of that difficulty in her routine next week. Not bloody likely!

I think I watched Michael Flatley dance, but when it comes to him, I can only think of Chandler Bing saying "His feet move as if independent from his body!" The guy's freaky talented, emphasis on the freaky part.

My personal pick to win: Mel and Maks. However, I think Julianne and Helio are the ones to beat because I think she's got just as big a following as he's amassed, if not bigger. Mel and Maks are much more polarizing figures. Either way, those freestyles should be fun to watch!


Don said...

If Garth had pandered to the masses like the Osmonds did, she might still be dancing. She could've gotten the 90210 cast together on Oprah, for a prime time reunion special, and countless pub gigs ...but she didn't. She was a dancing purist. If her dancing couldn't win the dance-off, then so be it.

I'm angry at the Osmond Pub' Machine, right now. I'm even questioning the "fainting" stunt. I'm tellin' ya, that dance partner reacted before she fell and he could've caught her.

Myndi said...

A fellow conspiracy theorist...I love it!

EJ said...

Personally, I think that America was afraid of what Jennie Garth would do if voted off. She had such confidence issues for so long that we didn't want to be held responsible for the outcome. With last week, we knew she would finally be OK if she left the show.

And, you know, she got the big 'Dancing with Mickey Mouse' push from ABC's corporate master, so it's not like they didn't try.

Besides, whoever went to the finals with Helio and Mel was pretty much guaranteed third place. I'm just angry that it's not Cameron, because you know his freestyle would rock.

Wait, Don is commenting on DwtS -- we've won him over!

Also, why were all the riverdancers dressed like airline pilots?

Myndi said...

I think you may be right. I hope you are right about either Mel or Helio winning...I'm so afraid of Marie right now, I can't tell you.

You and I are an unstoppable blogging force I tell ya. Now, let's keep working on him for "PR"!