Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Walked!

Since someone just can't stop going on and on about all the running he's been doing (we got it, Michael Johnson, you're an accomplished athlete now. Or would you prefer I call you Paul Tergat? Yes, I did research on this.), I feel compelled to tell you that this morning, I got up early and walked! For a whole 30 minutes! I attempted to break into a run at several key points, but simply ended up with a cramp, so I just walked really fast. Broke a sweat and everything!

I figure if I can drag my (increasingly fat) ass outta bed now, when the weather is awesome, maybe I have a shot at making this a routine. So, if you see me, or speak to me, or spot me toolin' around in cyberspace, ask me if I walked today. I need to exercise, as doing so allows me to eat bread and dessert. Oh, and if anyone wants to buy me new shoes, I'm a size 7 and these New Balance cross-trainers are so cute!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Marshall, Will and Holly...

So, today I drove home to a soundtrack of TV theme songs, which I have said on more than one occasion are my personal anecdote to being in a funk of any kind. You simply cannot be in a bad mood when Marla Gibbs sings "There's No Place Like Home" or Jose Feliciano says "Chico, don't be discouraged, the man he ain't so hard to understand." Well, I can't, that's for sure.

And I got an extra kick out of hearing the Land of the Lost theme today, as it reminded me of this article, written by Oscar Winner Diablo Cody for EW. She got to visit the set of the Will Ferrell movie based on the classic Sid & Marty Kroft show, set to open in 2009. I personally cannot wait for this, and will drag my children as well. I assume they will be as frightened by the sleestaks as I was, which is to say, not at all. And my son, who is not yet two, is already proficient at saying "Chaka".

Now, if only there were remakes of The Banana Splits, The Great Space Coaster and 80's kid game show I'm Telling! in the works, I'd be on cloud nine. Anybody else remember these? (Anybody besides EJ?) Any other kiddie classics you'd like to see hit the big screen, or return to the small one?

Monday, July 14, 2008

My New BFF

She doesn't know it yet, but Chelsea Handler and I are BFF. I've been trying to catch her show, the hilarious Chelsea Lately, (11:30 pm on E!) as often as possible, and I have now added her book Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea my list of books I must read ASAP. The title alone means I shall love it instantly.

Chelsea's a slightly different version of the whole Sarah Silverman/Kathy Griffin super-self deprecating, rip on celebs female comic genre. She portrays herself as a slut, but she so owns it, that you can't hold it against her. Plus, I enjoy her interviews with various celebrities on her show, a skill she's still polishing, but getting better at with each episode. Just add her to the list of famous funny women I'd essentially like to be when I grow up, I guess.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Little Advice

OK, I don't have much to say today, except to pimp out some upcomng stuff on spunkybean, but before I get there, let Aunt Myndi give you a word of advice.

If you're driving along, thinking, "My goodness, I'm parched! That sweet tea that McDonald's is advertising everywhere certainly sounds refreshing! What could be more thirst quenching on a hot summer day than a delightful glass of tea?"

The answer to that question is: Almost anything! You're better off chewing on a sweaty gym sock than you are drinking this crap if you're really thirsty. There's enough sugar in a glass of this iced tea to give a person diabetes on contact. Don't believe the hype, people!

Have a great weekend, get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Start watching Big Brother 10 on Sunday night and tune in to spunkybean next week for recaps. Plus, we'll have the most extensive coverage of Batman you've ever seen on a website that's not already devoted to Batman. See you there!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tooth Fairy Talk

Yesterday, my 5 year old got her third visit from the tooth fairy. She was so excited and proud; it's one of the cutest things ever, really. I observed her conversation with a slightly older friend on 4th of July on the topic. You see, this girl's seven, so she's a veteran. She was telling Hannah, in the most serious tone of voice, how she and two of her friends have the same tooth fairy and it's the same one both of her parents had when they were kids, and Hannah was fascinated. I was picturing a little tooth fairy union meeting where they bust out a map and all kinds of family trees to see if they can maintain the integrity of a family's tooth fairy through the generations. Wouldn't that be awesome, ya know, if it were a real thing? I wonder if tooth fairies would ever strike?

Of course, the real tooth fairies were scrambling last night to find a dollar to place under her pillow. I only had a ten in my wallet and my husband had no bills. As we were panicking, we came up with this brilliant plan: he had four quarters, which we figured she'd see as a downgrade, so we took her piggy bank and pulled out a dollar and replaced it with the four quarters (like she would have missed them, but guilt is powerful.) We laughed the whole time because it's just silly.

Sadly, Hannah is already sort of jaded. This morning, we had to ask her if the tooth fairy had come! Her response, "Oh yeah. He came. I got the same National Treasure money as last time." (The preview for that movie is on her Enchanted DVD, so she's seen the logo with the pyramid many times.) She wasn't complaining about the amount, mind you, they're all just "moneys" to her, but she's looking for something "different". Maybe we should have stuck with the four quarters...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random and Retro

So, this morning, I listened to a TAPE in my car. Yes, that's what I said, a tape. It was something I happened to find in the storage bin I have in my arm rest...Common Thread: Songs of The Eagles, and it was released in 1993. Basically, it's a Eagles tribute album, and it's all Country artists. I love The Eagles, but not so much Country music, however this album is not too bad. I mean, no one desecrates an Eagles song in the way Kristy Lee Cook positively molested "8 Days A Week" on American Idol.

By far, the best songs are "I Can't Tell You Why", sung by Vince Gill, and "Sad Cafe", covered by Lorrie Morgan. Of course, these songs are the last songs on either side of the tape, which in infuriating. How did we deal with this years ago? Rewinding, fast forwarding, flipping the damn thing over? It's just obnoxious! It was easier back when everything was on vinyl and you just counted the grooves and figured out where to drop the needle. One good note was that the tape was recorded in something called "Digalog" so the sound quality was actually not too bad.

All of this old school audio stuff made me smile twice as broadly when I saw a Chevette roll by me on the road. We had a maroon Chevette for many years, with sticky vinyl seats and a radio where you had to push the buttons to change stations. That was fun. I also spent a few minutes wondering how the TV repair shop and old school Mom N Pop hardware store (the place looks like it could be on the set of The Wonder Years) that I pass each day actually stay in business.

I'm also suddenly living with a tiny Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley as my 1 year old (he'll be two in September) has taken to saying "Hello" in the same way as that classic TV character. It's a little eerie and a lot funny.

Ferris Bueller had it right when he said, "The world moves fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it."

Other random thoughts for you today...

I was a little too happy about the team from The Office winning on Celebrity Family Feud last night. I just love that entire cast, and I feel like I know them, since I listen to every commentary track on the DVDs and just follow the show so completely. I know, I may need help. But, you have to admit that it kicks ass that they picked a charity located in Scranton, PA to donate the $50K they won. That's too cool.

Finally, I have to admit that I know every word to the song "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. That thing's catchy, even if it's a little gross and not terribly realistic in its lyrics. These are the things I think about, gang. That, and the fact that the new Big Brother should be a VAST improvement on the winter edition. Check out the Snap Judgements EJ & I made over at spunkybean!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Please Tell Me How to Feel

I'm so confused by this trainwreck called The Two Coreys on A&E. Being who I am, and having come of age in the 1980s, I greatly anticipated this show's first season, and was sorely let down. Turns out that Corey Feldman and his wife (who was the President of his fan club--wait, it gets better) are total douchebags. And it also turns out that the show was at least partially scripted and completely contrived. Like, nothing happening was real at all. Including the house we're led to believe is the Feldmans and the fact that Haim is depicted as a giant slob.

I didn't make it to the finale, in which Haim apparently blew up on Feldman's wife, Susie, and left town. I didn't intend to even peek in on Season 2. Somehow, though, I stumbled across it one night and was transfixed. This season is obstensibly about two things: The Coreys are in "couples" therapy, in the hopes of repairing their broken friendship, and Haim is working full time to get his once promising career back on track.

OK, the therapy thing is bizarre. Haim seems to be really trying and maybe even benefitting from his time with the shrink. Feldman just sits there like the asshat he so clearly is and always has been, talking about all his "projects". (The best was when he went to pitch some reality show with his manager, and was asked if there was any way they could get Haim to join the project. Ha!)

I feel for Corey Haim, as he was always, by far, my favorite Corey. I mean, c'mon, he was Lucas! This kid is all about talent and potential that was squandered by drugs and alcohol; he is the quintessential E! True Hollywood Story. To me, you have to root for the kid. Unless you're Corey Feldman, in which case you make fun of him. To which I say, shut up, ya tool bag. You married the president of your stupid fan club and just hired some clown who is your self-professed number one fan and who is all kinds of inappropriate once let into your house.

Reading various online forums about the show, I can't tell if Haim is really sober or not. His demeanor is certainly a little off, but I was just assuming it was from all the drugs he's done before and how addled his brain was by the stroke he had as a result. Some people are observing that he has habits inidicative of a meth head. I don't know. I want to believe what I'm being shown by A&E, because I want him to get back on track and have the redemption arc he truly needs. I would like Feldman to go away entirely. Maybe his new assistant can help me with that...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sha La La La

Someone has issued me a challenge to blog every day this week. I am attempting to meet said challenge. I can't promise they'll all be gems, but I will write an entry every day this week, starting with yesterday's missive.

So, while I ate my lunch just now (does that salad really balance out the pizza and Oreos? No it does not.) I watched an old episode of Family Ties that I discovered on CBS's website of all places (they must own the production company or something) while I was waiting the announcement of the next Big Brother cast. (I know. I'm disgusted, too.)

ANYWAY...sure the "C" plot of Alex buying the family an answering machine is dated and only slightly funny, but I still think this show holds up as a solid family sitcom. I know we all love our irreverant, unconventional, uncomfortable sitcoms nowadays, but a well-made family sitcom is still deserving of a spot on a network schedule. The key, of course, is witty writing and good casting, both obvious, but neither are easy feats.

What I really noticed today was the excellence of Michael Gross' portrayal of Steven Keaton. He plays Steven as goofy yet deadly serious and he should be the example to which all TV Dads aspire to today. I caught an episode of The Bill Engval Show on TBS recently, and I think that show could have the goods if it gets the chance to grow, which it should on TBS. Heck, they have Tim Meadows as a neighbor, which is a good sign.

On the other hand, I also sought out an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on hulu this morning (I heard the Sklar Brothers on the radio this morning, and wanted to see them in said episode...their parts were too small, dammit!) and laughed my ass off.

I'm an enigma, people. It's gonna be a strange week.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Sorry, Have We Met?

Hi there! My name's Myndi and this is my blog. Not that you would know it from my stunning lack of presence lately. In my defense, things have been hectic with summer activities in full swing, a big merger going on at work (and me struggling to properly file all my TPS reports!) plus the big doins' over on spunkybean. I noticed in my last post that I mentioned my anticipation of the new Celebrity Family Feud. Well, it's on the air, and here's where you can find my very candid thoughts (plus some pretty big boobs--thanks to Don for that...) Now on to another summer show that I didn't really plan to watch, but I found to be a compelling mixture of fascinating and annoying once I tuned in.

The show is The Baby Borrowers on NBC. I'm sure you've at least heard the premise, which involves teen couples being given a nice suburban home and about 2 days to get settled before a real, live infant is handed over for 3 days by their parents for the kids to care for. The rest of the episodes will involve the teens caring for toddlers, preteens, teenagers themselves and then, I guess for fun(?), the elderly. I suppose this could help the kids determine if they're cut out to work in a nursing home...and we will need more people who can do that as the baby boomers age...hell, we need them now.

But I digress. The first two episodes focused on the kids adjusting to the idea of having a baby and just how much work it truly is. One of the couples was obviously quite good at the whole thing, from dealing with the pregnancy belly to setting up the nursery (including putting the crib together) and finally to caring for the child, all while barely a cross word passed between them. This was Sascha and Jordan. I hate to have to point out that they are the African American couple, but in the world of reality TV, a positive portrayal of an African American couple is something that must be noted. Sadly, the fact that they created next to no drama meant we barely saw them.

Next in terms of competence were Kelly and Austin, at least as far as caring for the child. Mostly, I think Kelly is concerned with playing house and playing tennis, all while looking her very best, but she was genuinely good with her baby, and even made dinner while Austin was out working for the day. If she could have just avoided the spazz out she had when she was told by producers to wear the pregnancy belly (which was uncomfortable--duh) that ended with her sobbing behind a locked bathroom door, she would have been the big winner. Then again, maybe she was just giving poor Austin a taste of what he's in for when those hormones kick in, figuring she's in good shape since he didn't run away screaming.

It went downhill from there, with Kelsey and Sean. Now, in fairness to Kelsey's apparently fragile psyche, they were given the youngest baby (Etta was only six months old) and she was given to their care by her mother, who is still nursing her, carries her in a sling at all times and co-sleeps with her. (I was afraid of that last one myself...I would've never slept a wink due to my intense fear of smothering my child.) So, poor Etta didn't take to Kelsey, likely out of massive confusion and a sense of Kelsey's fear, but she dug Sean, who wanted only to see his girlfriend stumble in this "experiment" (as the show is being called) and talk herself out of a desire to marry and have kids immediately. Kelsey was a basket case, but at least she wasn't selfish about the baby's needs.

Morgan and Daton epitomized one stereotype of today's teens, who are so self-absorbed they can't see setting aside their desires, whatever they may be, to please or take care of others. Then again, this is essentially every teenager, and they look like they may grow out of it. They had a very cute little one, whose dad came over to the house (all the parents could watch the goings on via monitors and intervene at any time) and very rationally calmed them down when his daughter was insanely fussy.

The cherry on top of this crazy sundae was Alicea and her well-meaning but overwhelmed boyfriend Corey. These two said they were the product of teen mothers so they figured having kids young would be best. Yeah, not if you're a spoiled, entitled brat who refuses to be patient, take advice, criticism, correction or guidance of any kind. Good luck and I will pray for any of your children. Corey was the only one to get up with their teething, miserable child at 3 am and even changed the poopy diapers. Alicea showed zero compassion for the poor little guy after she was dressed down by his mother on day one for giving up on trying to feed him baby food. She told him to "starve". In fairness, I guarantee you I've said that once or twice to my kids out of frustration, but I think this mother was afraid Alicea really meant it.

The biggest surprise was the lack of actual work experience among any of these ten kids. I understand that school work may be too much to work during the year, but how about a summer job? It's infuriating to watch some of the kids (ok, it was mostly Alicea) freak out at any criticism on the job and talk back to supervisors and so forth. Of course, the parents have to shoulder some blame for that. If nothing else, I've learned how crucial it is for me to have my kids begin some sort of job--anything--when they are young teens. They have to learn responsibility and how to behave in a workplace.

I think this show should be screened in high schools. Between the evil that is Paris Hilton and that pregnancy pact that was in the news, it's obvious that teens today think that babies are nothing more than accessories or toys and it's all fun and games. Talk to me at 4 am when you can't get the kid to let go of you or sleep or anything else. On second thought, don't. I've done it twice and I'm done. I'll be sleeping at 4am!!