Friday, November 30, 2007

"Where'd you two meet, an Amber Alert?"

Oh, Liz Lemon, how much more could I love you? I'm not really sure. Right off the bat she orders a meatball sub with "extra bread", and turns down offers to go out in favor of catching up on her Tivo. Sometimes I think Tina Fey really knows me.

Well, in this episode, Liz ends up dating a guy, Jamie, who is 17 years younger than her (she lies that she's 29, he that he's 25--their really 37 and 20), but so adorable that even Frank falls for him:

Frank: "I'm gay for Jamie!"
Liz: "You can't be gay for one person...unless you're a woman and you meet Ellen."

Now, Liz the "cougar" has to go out at 10 o'clock ("at night?") and Frank is buying Jamie french-cut, slim-fitting sweaters that weren't on sale or anything and making him paintings featuring rainbows, mermaid/unicorns and King Kong. I want one!

I could basically make an entire post of quotes from this episode, there were so many great ones. And I haven't even touched the Jack/Tracy plot which has Tracy coaching a little league team from Knuckle Beach, a neigborhood so tough that "orange soda is a totally acceptable substitute for breast milk!" Jack takes over to try and improve the team's performance (the kids think he's a king, btw) and subtle (well, not really) Bush bashing ensues in a way only Alec Baldwin can do it, complete with a glimpse of Jack in a General McArthur uniform.

In the end, it appears Jamie's attraction to Liz is a little, shall we say, Oedipal? Turns out Mom (whom he lives with, natch) could be Liz's double. Maybe he can take Frank up on his offer, and be "two straight guys who just wanna enjoy each others' bodies!"

Stay tuned for the Project Runway recap, coming soon!


EJ said...

I'm not against fun! Last night, I went up on the roof!

Myndi said...

"When will Death come?"

Adam said...

and don't forget "Stop hitting youself! Stop hitting yourself!"

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