Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Morning TV Roundup

Whew! Another great Monday night of TV is in the books. I guess we better treasure these while we've got 'em, huh? Really, there are precious few left. Again, let me re-direct you to the links to read ANFTSJ's great Heroes and DWTS observations. He's much more insightful on the former and detailed on the latter. I can only hope my witty observations are up to snuff.

Let's start with Chuck. You know Zach Levi was psyched when he read this week's script! "You want me to make out with two different hot chicks in one episode? Well, I guess..." Dude, even weirdo Morgan got some in this one. And from the cutie who was in love with Nate Corddry on Studio 60, no less. I loved how she was wearing high heels with her argyle socks at the end. She's great. You have to love any show that uses a deli sandwich as a sexual metaphor and you have to love Sarah, who dealt with Chuck's co-worker Lester's awkward pick-up attempt by essentially molesting him. Oh, by the way, Bryce is ALIVE, having been cryogenically frozen this whole time! I was looking for Walt Disney and Ted Williams (or, maybe just his head) in that chamber, too. Awesome!

Heroes was great again, giving us more answers (Bob is Elle's father, Adam killed Hiro's father, Claire hates her father--wait, no she doesn't!) while nicely moving the story along. I loved when Noah made small talk about cars with West as they were waiting at the rendezvous point for Bob & Claire. And it was an interesting little wrinkle to discover that Elle's powers may be more a result of experimentation than how she was born. That really does explain how strongly Bennett feels about keeping Claire safe. But in the end, it was Claire Bear's blood that magically regenerated him after Mohinder shot him thru the horn rims. The big question now was who made that happen. I have no clue. Do you?

DWTS is getting down to the nitty gritty, and everyone really upped their game. Even Jennie got a perfect score this week for her cha-cha! And they danced to one my fave bands, Fall Out Boy, which was fun but odd. It was no shock that both Mel B. and Helio pulled two perfect 30's out. They have the most natural talent and the hottest partners. That's a good combo.
You can't swing a dead cat around that studio without hitting an Osmond at this point. I fear that if Marie's fans put her through tonight (I, for one, am over her. Sorry.) there won't be enough seats in the ballroom. While I'm impressed with how much she's done and overcome during the season (this week, her teenage son entered rehab), I just don't want her in the final. I know I'm going to hell for trashing an Osmond, but so be it!

I promised I would check out Samantha Who?...but I didn't remember to set it on the DVR last night. Luckily, they started their season late, so there's more fresh eps left once all of these are wrapped. And I still have to watch the "Slapsgiving" episode of How I Met Your Mother. I am really looking forward to it, but a girl's gotta get her beauty sleep!

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