Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't Stop Believin'

Wow, once again, it's been too long since I've written anything here. I'm sure you've all (all four of you) found other things to occupy your time. I finally found something I thought was screaming to be shared. Two things, actually. First is this: the new singer for Journey, a man from the Philippines named Arnel Pineda. He sound so much like Steve Perry, long estranged from the band, that it gave me chills when I heard him sing. And he has a touching story of survival as an orphan in his native country that makes this feel like he's getting the opportunity of a lifetime as well, which is cool. Check out this snippet of him being talked about on Ellen a few months back:

On another topic, I watched Million Dollar Password this week, and was entertained, mostly by Neil Patrick Harris, but also sad that the game was not really Password, but rather an amalgam of $100,000 Pyramid, Password and Millionaire. Why can't we just have a nice, old fashioned game show set with slightly slicker production values? Oh no, we have to look we're taking a journey into space with Captain Regis at the helm, or it's simply not a 21st century game show! Please. I miss the days when everyone wore suits by Botany 500 and got Turtle Wax and Rice a Roni as conciliation prizes. I'm a little afraid of what the sets for Celebrity Family Feud and the new Gong Show are going to look like, but I will certainly watch and find out. I love me some classic game shows!!