Friday, November 16, 2007

"Ape Attack!"

I don't quite know how to say this, so I'm just going to come right out with it...30 Rock was about twice as good as The Office last night. Whew, that sort of hurt to type! I have always been a staunch Office supporter, and I still say a bad episode of this show is better than any episode of, say, According to Jim or Rules of Engagement (then again, so is a root canal), but last night was just...meh.

I know it's all about the awkwardness on this show, but I just wanted to hug poor Michael, having all of his dirty laundry aired in that deposition. I mean, reading his diary was funny, but I really felt for the guy. How is he still with Jan at this point? I'm not getting it. The B story with the ping-pong? Amusing, but nothing more. Where was Creed? My new buddy Andy? Stanley? I knew we were in trouble when I wasn't familiar with the writer for this episode. Lester who? Nice try, Les. Thanks for playin'. Next time I see his name pop up, I'll brace myself like it's an episode of Gilmore Girls written by Daniel Palladino (I'm guessing there's exactly one person who will get that).

On the opposite end of the comedy spectrum, there was 30 Rock, which had the us rolling with laughter from start to finish! Let's hit a couple highlights:

--Jack wanting his hair styled like Ronald Reagan, and learning that he gets it cut every two days.
--Tracy's "Re-run" dance (which was spot-on) functioning as both sight gag and commentary on the writers' strike.
--Liz being so torn about wanting to report the questionable behavior of her Middle Eastern neighbor, only to find out he and his cousin were trying out for "The Amazing Race".
--Tracy giving Kenneth the advice to just shout for something's he's lost until it appears, then shouting "Pants!" over and over until Griz and Dot Com show up with several pair.
--The attack referenced in this post's title that was 100% visual and absolutely hillarious.
--Tracy's trip with Jack to see his new lady friend, played by Edie Falco, at Clinton's office in Harlem. First he actually gets away with saying "Tig Old Bitties" and then he talks to a pigeon. Genius!

I love this show!!!


EJ said...

Aw, a Daniel Palladino reference. I always loved how he had these characters that nobody else used because, well, they sucked. Still, he tried to force us to love them. Sorry, quirky newsstand guy.

Also, your love of Creed warms my heart.

Adam said...

"Awe Liz Lemon, you know you my main girl!"

Come on! What other show on TV can have it's "Star" (Jenna) worried that she's losing all the weight she gained over the summer and her popularity begins to fall? (Mystic Pizza: The Musical! - how funny!)

Where's Rachel Dratch been this year?

EJ said...

I wonder if Rachel Dratch has just been kind of squeezed out -- it's a pretty big cast for a half-hour comedy, and they can't even fit all of the opening-titles cast into every episode. Pete, Fred, and Jenna often disappear.

I'm more worried about poor Twofer. He's had just a couple of lines this year. Of course, if that means more from Grizz and Dot-com, I don't mind a bit.