Thursday, January 3, 2008

Holy Crap!

So, I tried to stay up last night and catch as much as I could of the return of our intrepid late night talk show hosts. I managed to catch most of Dave and some of Jay, but did not hold on for Conan or Craig, which I might have to DVR tonight just out of curiosity. I have to say Dave--who, in Robin Williams best joke, did resemble General Lee with his scruffy gray beard--seemed like he was a little rusty, which surprised me. I really thought he might be a little more polished, ya know, for Dave.

Sidebar: Robin Williams was his usual ADD self at first, but really settled down (must've taken some Ritalin at the break) to discuss his USO trip, and was still funny, but so much easier to watch in that mode.

Jay, on the other hand, in the small sections I saw, seemed kind of pumped to get back at it and do his best on his own. The man does have a very long career of stand-up to back him up, so he should be able to handle this, at least to a degree. I'm starting to get the feeling his show, which was all schtick and formula before, might get better without writers. I could be wrong--it was one show--but, maybe Jay will get to show his real stuff for the first time in years. Back when I was in college (when dinosaurs roamed the earth), he actually came and did stand up for our Parents' weekend and he was damn funny! This could be interesting. Dave's got Ellen Page of Juno fame on tonight, so y'all know I'm there. I don't even know who Jay's got, but I'm just loving that this whole drama is unfolding regardless, especially since there's not much else on!

In other news--and Lord, I hope no one's eating--the new Survivor cast was announced today. I always like to check these to see if I know someone, as I figure the odds are I will someday know someone on a reality show. No such luck this time, but I'm relieved to know that no plastic surgeons are going hungry--there's once again more than enough silicone on display. And I chuckled at the sight of the 22-year-old kid from Hell, Michigan, because he looks like Andy Gibb and David Cassidy had a baby, between the hair and the swim trunks. He just needs a puka shell necklace. He's adorable!

So here's the stomach-turning part...if you watch this installment of Survivor, you're going to have to endure another round of Jon Dalton, aka Johnny Fairlplay, aka the Biggest Asshat in Recorded History. I hate this man with the fire of a thousand burning suns, though I may be understating myself slightly. He's beyond vile. I didn't watch Survivor: China, so I'm not up on those two, other than what Don has said on his blog, and he seems to love James. The rest of them, eh. (Except Ozzie. Yowza! How you doin'?) I am glad we don't have to see Steph or Bobby Jon again, because, enough already.



Don said...

Do you suppose they'll divide them into Fans and Faves tribes?

Hopefully they'll vote out Johnny F right away ...just because.

Myndi said...

I thought that was already either implied or flat-out stated on the reunion special. But, yeah, I want that tool outta there asap. Stupid Parvati probably likes him.

arfboy65 said...

Jay was funny (yes, I said WAS) when he used to go on Dave's old show. You're right...Jay might be better without writers. The funny thing is, Dave with writers never, N-E-V-E-R, sounds like he's using writers (unless it's for an effect). Can't say the same for Jay (even his guests sould like they're reading a script.

The real battle is between the 2 late, late shows.

DarrinW said...

Conan is back to being Conan. If he is this good without the writers then let them eat cake. He has had me in tears the last two nights.