Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Please Tell Me How to Feel

I'm so confused by this trainwreck called The Two Coreys on A&E. Being who I am, and having come of age in the 1980s, I greatly anticipated this show's first season, and was sorely let down. Turns out that Corey Feldman and his wife (who was the President of his fan club--wait, it gets better) are total douchebags. And it also turns out that the show was at least partially scripted and completely contrived. Like, nothing happening was real at all. Including the house we're led to believe is the Feldmans and the fact that Haim is depicted as a giant slob.

I didn't make it to the finale, in which Haim apparently blew up on Feldman's wife, Susie, and left town. I didn't intend to even peek in on Season 2. Somehow, though, I stumbled across it one night and was transfixed. This season is obstensibly about two things: The Coreys are in "couples" therapy, in the hopes of repairing their broken friendship, and Haim is working full time to get his once promising career back on track.

OK, the therapy thing is bizarre. Haim seems to be really trying and maybe even benefitting from his time with the shrink. Feldman just sits there like the asshat he so clearly is and always has been, talking about all his "projects". (The best was when he went to pitch some reality show with his manager, and was asked if there was any way they could get Haim to join the project. Ha!)

I feel for Corey Haim, as he was always, by far, my favorite Corey. I mean, c'mon, he was Lucas! This kid is all about talent and potential that was squandered by drugs and alcohol; he is the quintessential E! True Hollywood Story. To me, you have to root for the kid. Unless you're Corey Feldman, in which case you make fun of him. To which I say, shut up, ya tool bag. You married the president of your stupid fan club and just hired some clown who is your self-professed number one fan and who is all kinds of inappropriate once let into your house.

Reading various online forums about the show, I can't tell if Haim is really sober or not. His demeanor is certainly a little off, but I was just assuming it was from all the drugs he's done before and how addled his brain was by the stroke he had as a result. Some people are observing that he has habits inidicative of a meth head. I don't know. I want to believe what I'm being shown by A&E, because I want him to get back on track and have the redemption arc he truly needs. I would like Feldman to go away entirely. Maybe his new assistant can help me with that...

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