Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Sorry, Have We Met?

Hi there! My name's Myndi and this is my blog. Not that you would know it from my stunning lack of presence lately. In my defense, things have been hectic with summer activities in full swing, a big merger going on at work (and me struggling to properly file all my TPS reports!) plus the big doins' over on spunkybean. I noticed in my last post that I mentioned my anticipation of the new Celebrity Family Feud. Well, it's on the air, and here's where you can find my very candid thoughts (plus some pretty big boobs--thanks to Don for that...) Now on to another summer show that I didn't really plan to watch, but I found to be a compelling mixture of fascinating and annoying once I tuned in.

The show is The Baby Borrowers on NBC. I'm sure you've at least heard the premise, which involves teen couples being given a nice suburban home and about 2 days to get settled before a real, live infant is handed over for 3 days by their parents for the kids to care for. The rest of the episodes will involve the teens caring for toddlers, preteens, teenagers themselves and then, I guess for fun(?), the elderly. I suppose this could help the kids determine if they're cut out to work in a nursing home...and we will need more people who can do that as the baby boomers age...hell, we need them now.

But I digress. The first two episodes focused on the kids adjusting to the idea of having a baby and just how much work it truly is. One of the couples was obviously quite good at the whole thing, from dealing with the pregnancy belly to setting up the nursery (including putting the crib together) and finally to caring for the child, all while barely a cross word passed between them. This was Sascha and Jordan. I hate to have to point out that they are the African American couple, but in the world of reality TV, a positive portrayal of an African American couple is something that must be noted. Sadly, the fact that they created next to no drama meant we barely saw them.

Next in terms of competence were Kelly and Austin, at least as far as caring for the child. Mostly, I think Kelly is concerned with playing house and playing tennis, all while looking her very best, but she was genuinely good with her baby, and even made dinner while Austin was out working for the day. If she could have just avoided the spazz out she had when she was told by producers to wear the pregnancy belly (which was uncomfortable--duh) that ended with her sobbing behind a locked bathroom door, she would have been the big winner. Then again, maybe she was just giving poor Austin a taste of what he's in for when those hormones kick in, figuring she's in good shape since he didn't run away screaming.

It went downhill from there, with Kelsey and Sean. Now, in fairness to Kelsey's apparently fragile psyche, they were given the youngest baby (Etta was only six months old) and she was given to their care by her mother, who is still nursing her, carries her in a sling at all times and co-sleeps with her. (I was afraid of that last one myself...I would've never slept a wink due to my intense fear of smothering my child.) So, poor Etta didn't take to Kelsey, likely out of massive confusion and a sense of Kelsey's fear, but she dug Sean, who wanted only to see his girlfriend stumble in this "experiment" (as the show is being called) and talk herself out of a desire to marry and have kids immediately. Kelsey was a basket case, but at least she wasn't selfish about the baby's needs.

Morgan and Daton epitomized one stereotype of today's teens, who are so self-absorbed they can't see setting aside their desires, whatever they may be, to please or take care of others. Then again, this is essentially every teenager, and they look like they may grow out of it. They had a very cute little one, whose dad came over to the house (all the parents could watch the goings on via monitors and intervene at any time) and very rationally calmed them down when his daughter was insanely fussy.

The cherry on top of this crazy sundae was Alicea and her well-meaning but overwhelmed boyfriend Corey. These two said they were the product of teen mothers so they figured having kids young would be best. Yeah, not if you're a spoiled, entitled brat who refuses to be patient, take advice, criticism, correction or guidance of any kind. Good luck and I will pray for any of your children. Corey was the only one to get up with their teething, miserable child at 3 am and even changed the poopy diapers. Alicea showed zero compassion for the poor little guy after she was dressed down by his mother on day one for giving up on trying to feed him baby food. She told him to "starve". In fairness, I guarantee you I've said that once or twice to my kids out of frustration, but I think this mother was afraid Alicea really meant it.

The biggest surprise was the lack of actual work experience among any of these ten kids. I understand that school work may be too much to work during the year, but how about a summer job? It's infuriating to watch some of the kids (ok, it was mostly Alicea) freak out at any criticism on the job and talk back to supervisors and so forth. Of course, the parents have to shoulder some blame for that. If nothing else, I've learned how crucial it is for me to have my kids begin some sort of job--anything--when they are young teens. They have to learn responsibility and how to behave in a workplace.

I think this show should be screened in high schools. Between the evil that is Paris Hilton and that pregnancy pact that was in the news, it's obvious that teens today think that babies are nothing more than accessories or toys and it's all fun and games. Talk to me at 4 am when you can't get the kid to let go of you or sleep or anything else. On second thought, don't. I've done it twice and I'm done. I'll be sleeping at 4am!!

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