Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Walked!

Since someone just can't stop going on and on about all the running he's been doing (we got it, Michael Johnson, you're an accomplished athlete now. Or would you prefer I call you Paul Tergat? Yes, I did research on this.), I feel compelled to tell you that this morning, I got up early and walked! For a whole 30 minutes! I attempted to break into a run at several key points, but simply ended up with a cramp, so I just walked really fast. Broke a sweat and everything!

I figure if I can drag my (increasingly fat) ass outta bed now, when the weather is awesome, maybe I have a shot at making this a routine. So, if you see me, or speak to me, or spot me toolin' around in cyberspace, ask me if I walked today. I need to exercise, as doing so allows me to eat bread and dessert. Oh, and if anyone wants to buy me new shoes, I'm a size 7 and these New Balance cross-trainers are so cute!


Don said...

People who brag about their accomplishments are silly folk. Who does stuff like that. That 'running guy' must be a real bore. But I'll bet he handsome as hell.

Walkin' ...yes indeed, and she's talkin' ...bout everything ...and I'm hopin' ...her blog will mention ME!

arfboy65 said...

if you walk to 7-11 and come back with a honeybun, it doesn't count!