Monday, December 10, 2007

TV Talk Update

I know it's been almost a full week since the last Project Runway aired, but here's a brief wrap-up.

It was another one of the infamous team projects, and this was probably the most difficult challenge in the short but storied history of this show.  The designers were charged with taking outdated trends, picked individually and at random, and making them into a cohesive, three-piece collection.  Since there was no advance notice of how the challenge would work, it was chaos as far as the trends that got thrown together, and there was much angst in the workroom.  It was interesting, because usually in a group challenge, the leader has had his or her design selected by the guest or whomever to be executed.  This time, everyone's ideas were being created, but there was still a leader to blame if stuff sucked.  

And suck it did!  But more on that in a moment.  Jillian led Kevin and Rami and, despite some hand-wringing, the trio pulled off a very cool collection inspired by overalls, 70's flare and the poodle skirt.  My favorite was how they literally flipped the poodle skirt over, by using it as the neckline on two of the three looks.  Very cool and unique.  They won the challenge.

Coming in second was the Christian-led and self-named "Team Star" ("like celebrity!").  Hey, even though I'm liking Kit and Jack, I cannot overlook that they voluntarily worked with my nemesis Christian.  They had the daunting task of creating a collection that featured pleather, the zoot suit and fringe, and damn if they didn't pull it off.  It was a little safe in my estimation, but you don't have to win 'em all.

There were fireworks aplenty between Ricky and Victorya, who teamed up with Elisa to create a collection inspired by Neon, cut-outs and underwear as outerwear.  Victorya is a tad bit passive-aggressive, and was blaming the way her piece was coming out on Ricky's lack of leadership, rather than the fact that she had a particularly sucky trend and the piece was just lousy.  As a result, Ricky's piece was very badly made, since he couldn't spend much time on it. Of this group, and this was a shock, Elisa's was the best by a mile.  I'm glad she's actually competent, but I miss the crazy!

Last and, unfortunately least, was the team of Chris, Sweet P and Steven, who had to work a collection out of a baggy sweater dress, dance wear (is that really ever out?  what do the dancers wear now?) and--yikes--shoulder pads.  Chris could just not make lemons out of lemonade on this one, and pretty much looked like he made a garment for either a drag queen or an NFL linebacker.  It was hideous, and he lost out to Ricky, who, I'm guessing, was deemed better TV currency than our well-adjusted friend Chris.

Looking forward to Wednesday, since it looks like there's big drama afoot!

Also this week will be another episode of 30 Rock.  I think we only have one or two more before they're done, and I can't believe it.  I was doing OK on my Office withdrawl symptoms with 30 Rock standing by to bring the funny.  Now what am I going to do?  I could teach my one-year-old to say "Me Want Food", but he'll never say it like Jenna.  Maybe I can teach the five-year-old the "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" dance.  I don't know.  Last week's episode wasn't quite the comic genius that was "Cougars", but it had some great moments with Jack and C.C. ("I like a woman with ambition.  It's like a dog wearing clothes.") which culminated in him introducing his "old lady" to the brass in the NBC commissary.  Tracy's subplot was funny, but it was bit too much Tracy in the end.  I did like the battle between Frank and Twofer over their personas; Twofer dressed up as Frank was classic.  I am banking on this week's "Ludachristmas" outing to be even better.  Don't let me down, Tina!

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