Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Hannukah!

Just wanted to wish any of you that celebrate a Happy Hannukah! The holiday, which is 8 days long, began on Dec. 4th. The length of the celebration is due to the fact that oil found in the destroyed Temple in Jerusalem should have lasted only one day but instead lasted for eight. It was a MIRACLE! And so, we Jews eat potato latkes and chocolate coins, spin the dreidel and give lots of presents. We also like to find creative ways to send Hannukah greetings via email, just like everyone does for Christmas. I spotted this one in my office, and asked my co-worker to please forward it to me so I could post it here, because it rocks! My friend Robyn (not to be confused with my sister of the same name), sent me this video from You Tube, which pretty much encapsulates the season for our people. But, it a catchy tune and the kid has some actual musical ability

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