Thursday, September 4, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast...

In our little blog circle (well, there's three of us, so it's more like a blog triangle), we often remark on our similar interests, likes and dislikes. One of my colleagues (I figure we write together, so we're colleagues, right?) and I each have two kids that are very close in age. Our youngest ones are less than a month apart and our oldest girls both started kindergarten recently. He's really concerned about what'll go on in the big bad world of "real" school, because he's a dad, I guess. As a mom, I'm more just in awe of my little girl and how grown up she seemed on that first day. Sure, I had to help her button up the back of her dress, but she did everything else.

And when we stopped at Einstein's to get a bagel before we headed to school together, she noticed another girl who looked about her age and just asked if she was going to kindergarten, too. When her mother said she was, and we then discovered they would be in the same class, my daughter just said, "I'm Hannah, what's your name?" Upon receiving her reply, Hannah said, "Nice to meet you!" That's my kid...charming and polite. She truly makes friends wherever she goes. I know kindergarten will be only the beginning of a successful and wonderful life for her. Yes, I'm completely biased, but I'm pretty sure she's special...and you can't tell me otherwise.

I've taught her well. When faced with picking out a folder and backpack for school, a market glutted with licensed material from Hannah Montana, High School Musical and everything else Disney, my child picked a backpack with pink flowers and a folder with purple butterflies because, as she said, "I might get tired of those characters." Of course, she relented when it came to a lunchbox, and selected Tinkerbell. Awesomely, it is a metal lunchbox, just like I carried. They don't come with a thermos anymore, though, so I don't think I can send soup. I desperately wish I'd saved my Charlie's Angels or Holly Hobbie lunchbox for her, but those suckers would probably be pretty rusty by now, huh?


Don said...

Congrats to li'l Miss Dale Carnegie. Yeesh! You mark the occasion in awed wonder, I have a nervous breakdown and contemplate homeschooling.

I need counseling.

Heather H. said...

Hey Myn - I teared up reading this!! Might I suggest the Foogo jar by thermos for sending in soup?? It rocks!! xoxo