Sunday, February 10, 2008

Runway Update

We are finally getting down to the nitty gritty on Project Runway. I think I read (and must still confirm) that the finale airs on my birthday, 3/5. (When I will turn 35. Funny!) This past week, the six remaining designers had to make costumes for the WWE Divas, a challenge that was Chris' to lose. We saw more of Rami draping, and more of Ricky crying, so it was just another day in the workroom, really.

The highlight was Sweet P, Chris and Christian (who is about one hundred times more likeable when he's happy) sewing and discussing what their wrestling names (completely different from porn names, I guess) and signature move would be. Sweet P would be "Spread Eagle" and her move would be "The Thighs"; Chris would be "Wonderwoman", who would smother men with her large breasts; and Christian would be "Feroctia Coutura" and he'd spray girls in the eyes with hairspray. It was all rather cute and endearing.

Then the skanky-looking WWE Divas walked the runway, and the oddball Heatherette designers were guest judges. Christian did a getup of black leather and lace that included chaps; Jillian designed a Sporty Spice-esque electric blue deal; Ricky made an orange bathing suit; Rami did some hot pink confection that would never work in a wrestling ring; Sweet P copped out with a silver bra and short combo with a flowing robe; while Chris won the day by kickin' out a leopard print top with criss-cross straps and sequined black shorts that he said were all meant to embody a "caged animal".

And, at last, Ricky and his stupid engineer hat were gone! At this point, though I like her personally, the only one I think can't hang is Sweet P. Should be interesting to see who makes it to Bryant Park.

More thought on some of my other favorite reality shows soon. Thanks for reading!

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