Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SNL...funny bits

Although it was not the best of the season, last weekend's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Ashton Kutcher did have it's moments. The Cold Open was not one, as the thing went on for NINE MINUTES. Good Lord, it's called editing. But I did enjoy Ashton's monologue about the importance of a producer's job, the "Cougar Den" sketch (which I have not been able to find online, dammit!) and the little "Death By Chocolate" bumpers, one of which is below for your amusement.

And no post these days is complete without a link to spunkybean. This week we have the mix tape piece (audio of said tape is now linked to the article) and EJ's brilliant Breakfast Cereal Mascot investigation. The results may shock you, so be prepared. And, of course, there's always recaps of Dancing With the Stars, Big Brother, and American Idol and even an early review of Ironman to round out your day. See you there!


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Don said...

The two best sketches were the paralyzed stripper and Fred Armison as the 'political humorist' ..."you can't write that!"